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What Is The Plinko Gambling Game?

Plinko casino game is a classic online slot game based on the popular American television game show. This TV show is called The Price is Right and has players competing for cash prizes. The Price is Right has been around for 50 years and has aired over 9,000 episodes since its debut in 1972. Despite the show’s age, the slot with its basis appeared in June 2019 by the BGaming content provider.

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Is “The Price is Right” Reproduction Complicated?

plinko casino game

The slot’s plot is simple. The participant chooses the height of the pyramid, accordingly, the degree of risk, and several lines. After, the ball will be launched from above the playing field. The payout depends on the cell the ball landed. The farther the hole is from the center, the greater the win.

Basic Plinko Game Online Rules

  1. Playing in Plinko is impossible without registration. Start playing on Plinko real money after registering in a reliable and trustworthy casino. But if you want just to get acquainted with the game’s basis, a demo mode is available without registration and personal data transferring.
  2. The time for starting the game is unlimited. Plinko isn’t a live game, so you can begin ball throwing as you decide.
  3. The player can choose the risk level of a slot. This level is changeable, so you can switch them every round if needed. Choose the level wisely. It’s better not to play on one level (particularly high risk).
  4. The number of lines should be chosen in advance. Before starting, you pick the digit from 8 to 16. It depends on your decisions or chosen strategy.
  5. Play just in reliable casinos. There are more and more gaming establishments every day, but not all of them guarantee a fair game with winning. Some even offer the official Plinko games at first glance, but further consideration will show that it is a scam.
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Features of Plinko Casino Game

Crypto Plinko is a revolutionary game that quickly won gamblers’ hearts. In addition to outstanding RTP value, it has a multitude of features:

  • Based on a popular TV show game
  • Allows choosing the risk level, so you can be sure about your finances. Three available risk levels are low, normal, and high. They can be switched every round.
  • Allows picking the number of lines — accordingly, the more lines on a board, the broader the odds range.
  • Shows the chance of winning to every cell so you can calculate your winning in advance.
  • Displays the amount of possible winning in case of luck
  • Has a demo version, so you can test your strength, luck, and even some strategies
  • Has usual and auto bets, so it’s not mandatory to click the “Play” button every time you want to place a bet
  • Quite obsolete and unusual interface, but it gives a unique charm to the Plinko game
  • Allows to deposit and withdraw in cryptocurrency, which is far safer and faster than common banks and other finance establishments.

How to Play Plinko For Real Money?

As the game’s interface is quite out-of-date, the buttons to start the game aren’t so obvious. To be successful in your first try in this slot, peruse this short steps on how to play Plinko online:

  1. Choose a reliable casino. The crucial part of a selected company is to be trustworthy for your confidential information and to guarantee payouts. You should find data confirmation at independent, incorruptible sources. Optional but desirable characteristics:
    • Quality and quantity of entertainment (slots, poker, roulette, bingo, baccarat, blackjack, keno, craps, etc.)
    • Availability of an app and mobile version
    • Excellent customer support service
    • Wide bonus program
    • Many methods for withdrawing funds and replenishing an account
    • Availability of the casino license
  2. Register in a casino if you’re going to start playing on real money. Registration is a mandatory process for getting access to Plinko in a company. However, if you want to start gambling without risks, try the demo version without transferring your data in the registration process.
  3. Find the Plinko in a slots’ block and click on it. You’ll get two options: playing on real money or Plinko for free. Choose the most suitable for you as they have the same interface and gaming process. Be aware: it’s advisable to start without risking your funds as you’re not adept at playing Plinko.
  4. Choose the options available before starting the round. Don’t forget that this slot can be modified according to your preferences, so take them wisely:
    • Number of lines between the ball and cells (from 8 to 16)
    • Risk level (low medium, or high)
    • Bet mode (manual or auto)
  5. Fill in the sum you want to bet. Complete it in both standard and demo versions. But in the real-money game, you use your deposit money, while the Plinko demo has unlimited in-game currency. The range of cash for the stake Plinko is from £1 to £100.
  6. Click the “Play” button as you’re ready to start the round. After a ball begins falling from the hole above, hitting the pins on its way down the Plinko board. The cell on land will decide your winning according to the odds (the most common are 0.5 and 1.0)
  7. In any outcome, you will get the reward. It can be two times smaller than your bet, but you won’t lose all funds. The winning will be automatically credited to the account.

How to Bet in Plinko Slot Game?

To stake Plinko your or in-game money, you cannot use just simple input. The default sum is £1, but it’s changeable with + and – symbols. Don’t be afraid of clicking the mouse button 100 times to bet the highest sum of £100. There are just 20 available stakes amounts: £1, £2, £3, £5, £10, £15, £20, £30, £50, £75, and £100. After choosing the appropriate one and clicking the “Play” button, the sum will be staked.

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Auto & Manual Bet Options

plinko play

In addition to the usual bets made on your own, you can choose the “auto” option to complete your everyday tasks while playing. Choose the amount you want to bet every round. As every game lasts approximately 10 seconds, gamers should keep a close eye on balance and not leave it unattended for an extended period. But provider thinks about this discomfort, so it engages you to choose one number from 10 to 1,000.

What are Bet options available?

Cryptocurrency online casino is a new branch of the gambling industry. You no longer have to wait several days for a payment to your card. In addition, all transactions in altcoins are anonymous, and the Plinko game is provably fair. No one will know how much money you managed to win in Plinko crypto and where exactly you withdrew it. The player can choose any bet on the crypto currency. The table with available cryptocurrencies and their values ​​is located below.

Min Bet & Max Bet & Top Winnings

The Plinko slot has a rare feature: it allows users to use the cryptocurrency to deposit/withdraw money. Crypto games sites use credits as the currency for ease of understanding. The conversation rate is 10 credits (minimum bet) = 0.000001 BTC


Cryptocurrency Minimum bet Maximum bet Maximum win
Bitcoin 0.000001 BTC 0.1 BTC 5 BTC
Ethereum 0.000014 ETH 1 ETH 150 ETC
Litecoin 0.00035 LTC 3 LTC 300 LTC
Dogecoin 0.33 DOGE 2,000 DOGE 2,000,000 DOGE
BitcoinCash 0.000173 BCH 1 BCH 100 BCH
Ripple 0.055 XRP 1,000 XRP 300,000 XRP
Tron 0.31 TRON 10,000 TRON 1,000,000 TRON
Eos 0.015 EOS 100 EOS 1,000 EOS

What are your chances of winning?

The possibility of winning in any online slot machine, in the long run, is commonly called Return-To-Player (abbreviated as RTP) and expressed in percentage. It shows the amount you can return from playing in the long run. The usual RTP for the majority of slots is 90-95%, which in practice means that you’ll return £900-950 if you’ve made 1,000 bets of £1. But this particular slot offers the RTP, not from a range above: it’s the highest possible 99%. So making 1,000 bets of £1, your income will be approximately £990. You certainly should try playing in Plinko, as your chances of winning are the highest among other existing slots.

Plinko Casino Game: main differences from other slots

  • It’s worth noting that Plinko does not have free spins, Scatter, Wild, and other bonus options as in popular video slots. Hoping for a meeting with a dealer or presenter who comments on the fall of the Plinko ball and gives out money is also not worth it. The online version of Plinko for cryptocurrency is simple but tasteful. It has a simple plot so players can focus on the main thing – getting a cash prize.
  • It will take you no more than 10 seconds to play Plinko for cryptocurrency. For example, a poker session lasts 1-2 hours, and a blackjack session lasts about a minute. Plinko is one of the fastest games of chance in online casino history. Only video slots can compare with it. At any time, a gambler can withdraw his money to a cryptocurrency wallet.
  • All winnings are calculated automatically and published on the left side of the screen so that you can watch and analyze them right in the heat of the game. To do this, you don’t have to close the game screen with additional windows.
  • There is an automatic Plinko game betting mode, so the gambler doesn’t have to press the PLAY button before each round. It’s enough to activate Autoplay and wait a few seconds until all the balls fall. They fall one by one without waiting for the previous one to fall into the hole.
  • Be aware of the Plinko mobile app, as it’s considered in the gambling world a scam. In addition, this sweepstakes Plinko app cannot guarantee the winnings and their withdrawal. Just the company will decide whether it’s going to pay you wins.
  • The offered for cryptocurrency wallet holders Plinko game on related sites has a slightly different interface and functionality. 3 levels of volatility can be changed during rounds: low, medium, and high. Every color of each line represents each volatility level:
    1. Green – the least risk
      plinko differences
    2. Yellow – the medium risk
    3. Red – the highest risk
  • Why does the game have such a strange name, “Plinko”? It’s simple – when the ball slides down, touching the white pegs, it makes a characteristic “plink-plink-plink” sound.

Best Plinko Online Bonus Features

Due to the massive variety of casinos, players are becoming more and more selective. Therefore, companies are trying to create as many unique features as possible to attract more gamblers. Bonuses are such features that allow players to spend less of their funds on slots but earn more. To play Plinko online with a total return, you should choose a casino on the official website of BGaming or Spribe, because they’re absolutely safe and offer a wide range of bonuses for playing.

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Types of Plinko Bonuses

  • Welcome Bonuses. Are accrued at the registration stage if the gambler has indicated all the contact details, confirmed the mobile number, and passed the verification procedure. Usually, the welcome bonus is 100% or even 150% of the first deposit. Quite rare but available no deposit bonuses with a fixed amount, given immediately after verification without making the first deposit.
  • Bonuses for deposits. Having made several deposits in Plinko BTC, ETH, or LTC, the player can count on pleasant rewards. More bonus funds – more bets and opportunities to win.
  • Cashback. If you lost a large amount of money in Plinko game crypto, some gambling establishments can meet you halfway and return part of the funds as cashback. Usually, its size is 5-10%, but some online casinos promise 15-20%. For example, losing 100 dollars will bring you 10-20 USD from the casino and permit you to make a few more bets.

Keep in mind that all bonuses, regardless of the online casino, need to be wagered. So you need to scroll through the bonus funds the number of times specified by the bonus terms, and only after that, it’ll be possible to withdraw funds to a crypto wallet.

Payouts for Plinko Game Online

Since you can control the number of rows and risk levels in Plinko, the number of holes (respectively, odds’ size) is enormous. The table below shows the minimum and maximum odds according to the number of lines and risk level.


Number of Lines Low Risk Level Normal Risk Level High Risk Level
8 x0.5 – x5.6 x0.4 – x13 x0.2 – x29
9 x0.7 – x5.6 x0.5 – x18 x0.2 – x43
10 x0.5 – x8.9 x0.5 – x22 x0.2 – x76
11 x0.7 – x8.4 x0.5 – x24 x0.2 – x120
12 x0.5 – x10 x0.3 – x33 x0.2 – x170
13 x0.7 – x8.1 x0.4 – x43 x0.2 – x260
14 x0.5 – x7.1 x0.2 – x58 x0.2 – x420
15 x0.7 – x15 x0.3 – x88 x0.2 – x620
16 x0.5 – x16 x0.3 – x110 x0.2 – x1,000


Strategies to Win in Plinko Gambling Game

Experienced players practice various betting strategies and combinations that can bring winnings. However, they cannot be used in all gambling games. If you should count well to play poker and blackjack, then in Plinko, you rely entirely on luck. Even Pachinko requires some skills, so the question Pachinko vs Plinko is up to you.

How to Win Plinko?

So it’s almost impossible to develop the best strategy for Plinko based on a random number generator instead of a real dealer. In simple words, neither the Martingale strategy nor the Parlay one will significantly increase the chances. Of course, you can try to use them as many gamblers speak positively about them. However, be aware that there is no 100% working strategy.

Martingale Strategy

Almost every gamer has heard about it, but only a few use it correctly. Only one victory allows not only to return the previously spent funds but also to earn more. The game is always played with the same settings. The first bet must be a minimum size. After each loss, it doubles strictly 2 times. So you need to act until the first win, after which the game starts again with the minimum bet.

Parlay Strategy

The bet size is reduced by 2 times after each loss. Such a game allows you to minimize risks and stretch the bank longer. Such a strategy is the opposite of Martingale because after a loss, the stakes increase, while with Parlay, they decrease.

Zig-Zag strategy

The majority of gamers like to change slots or slot settings in an online casino frequently. According to the Zig-Zag strategy, the bet size should also be minimal and be done on different numbers of pay lines. You should act as chaotically as possible and constantly change the Plinko settings (number of rows and risk level). After losing rounds, you need to change the slot without regret. This approach allows you to try out many slots, have fun and earn a decent amount with a good combination of circumstances.

Test strategies on demo rounds

For those who want to study in detail the game return and the number of wins and losses, it’s recommended to use the Plinko casino game free. Don’t rush to play for cryptocurrency – with the test version you’ll be able to evaluate the gameplay and graphics without investing a penny. For bets, virtual coins are used, not bitcoin, so you don’t risk anything. Registration isn’t required – the Plinko demo play starts immediately after going to the site. After making sure of stable work and good payouts, you can proceed to replenish your account and withdraw Plinko winnings to a cryptocurrency wallet.

Pros & Cons of Plinko Game

✅Game is totally understandable for everyone.

✅Has a simple and vintage interface that brings players to the 80s.

✅Allows switching among three risk levels (low normal, and high), so every person, from the casual player to the high roller, will be satisfied.

✅Has a cryptocurrency as an option for deposit and withdrawal. It ensures your safety as all the transactions are anonymous.

✅Has the highest possible RTP for slots 99%.

✅There are no losing outcomes for every possible round in Plinko. Even if your Plinko chip falls strictly in the central cell, you won’t lose all your money.

✅Available two types of bets: manual and auto bets.

❌The game isn’t for people who are looking for the strategy-based games

❌The round can be unpredictable as it entirely depends on random

❌You cannot fill in a sum for betting in a particular round or a number of stakes in auto bets, choose the closest one using + and – symbols.

Plinko FAQs

What is the Plinko casino game?

Plinko is a unique casino slot game developed by the BGaming or Spribe game provider. It’s based on a popular American TV show, “The Price is Right.” Its concept is simple: click the “Play” button and see the ball falling. It’ll hit the cell with odds and decide your winning.

Is the Plinko gambling real?

Yes. Plinko slot allows you to win real money if you’re registered in a casino. In addition to usual currency such as dollars and euros, the game will enable users to deposit and withdraw in cryptocurrency.

What is the Plinko RTP?

RTP (Return to Player) is a value that shows the percentage of the money you can return over a long distance (1000+ spins). The RTP of Plinko is 99%, the highest possible value around the slots. It means you’ll return 990 coins from 1,000 bets of 1 coin.

Where can I play Plinko Online?

Due to the popularity of the Plinko game, almost every safe casino has it in its slots. Advisable to visit the official provider website and see the selection of casinos offered by the developer. The most popular choices are 1xBet, Games, and BetFury.

How do you play Plinko with real money?

Playing Plinko with real money requires completing the registration and replenishing your account. After that, choose the suitable 1-round amount and click the “Play” button. As the ball falls into cells, the odds will be multiplied by your bet and automatically credited.

Can I play Plinko with Bitcoin

Yes, the Plinko casino game is unique in permitting you to use safe and secure cryptocurrency methods to deposit or withdraw. But playing with Bitcoin is available only on appropriate sites such as Crypto.Games, not in usual casino companies.

Plinko Casino Game